Our Team & Technology


Our team has an average employment of over 10 years. This type of longevity results in an experienced staff with an unparalled understanding of the needs of the orthodontic office in terms of caring, clinical skills, and customer service. All of our staff members are trained and certified in CPR, and our clinical staff members are all Registered Dental Assistants.



Our practice utilizes the latest in digital intraoral scanning technology. Impressions are a thing of the past! Image files are stored in the cloud and can be sent to virtually any lab. Invisalign Aligners are fabricated within weeks, so your treatment can be started sooner.  



Our practice uses the most advanced techniques available today, selecting the tour_12.jpgmost effective methods and material for the diagnosis and treatment of  individual orthodontic problems.

As an example, our state of the art digital X-ray equipment decreases X-ray exposure 40-70%. In addition, these images are available instantly and are transferable through electronic communication. We also utilize photographic digital imaging as well as  innovative 3-D model scanning technology and the 3M Intraoral Scanner.


Dr. Wood & Dr. Quigley's team uses some of the most advanced cosmetic appliance systems available. Clarity Advanced Ceramic brackets are considered by many to be the most aesthetic appliances on the market today. In addition, the Incognito Appliance System is a virtually invisible appliance which is placed behind the teeth. It's 100% customized for each case and is 3-D CAD designed and robotically manufactured. Dr. Wood also has been using the "Invisalign" system of clear aligner treatment since 2000. With over 225 cases treated, Red Bank Orthodontics is experienced and well versed in the technique and equipped to treat most orthodontic problems. "Propel" orthodontic acceleration, which can decrease the overall time in treatment, is also available upon request and can be used with both fixed appliances and "Invisalign" aligners.